Coaching is for the brave, so choosing the right coach for you is vital

My Coaching Style

Trust is at the heart of my coaching relationships with my clients. Together, we will design a safe and courageous space and identify your vision and goals. In each session, we will dig deep into what is holding you back, the doubts and the negative stories you tell yourself. We will connect to the creativity, strength, and resources that will allow you to grow and confidently step onto the next stage or into the next phase of life. I will give you inquiries or homework to support the learning and keep up the momentum between meetings.

Sessions take place every two to three weeks via Zoom or in-person.

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 what can you expect?

The phases of coaching


The Chemistry Session

The chemistry session is an excellent opportunity for you to experience my coaching style and see if you feel comfortable and supported in the space that we create. The session lasts around 40 to 60 minutes. I will coach you on a specific topic that you bring, or we will have a more general talk about your needs.


The Discovery Session

The discovery is a more extended session, lasting around 90 minutes. We will explore your goals and dreams in-depth and set the overarching topic for the coaching process. What do you want to achieve through coaching, and perhaps more importantly, how do you want to feel at the end? We will also start exploring your values. What is essential in your life? What do you live by and want to be more in alignment with? These concepts will become a compass for all our future sessions.


The Coaching Process

During each session, we focus on a specific topic that you bring. Whether it is something going on in your life right now or something you have been struggling with for a while. The coaching hour is a safe and courageous space for you to dig deep, explore, experiment, create action plans and go beyond your comfort zone. By asking powerful and sometimes uncomfortable questions, I will challenge you to make the changes you need to achieve your goals. 

How you WILL benefit from working with me

01You’ll develop a greater awareness of your goals, values and purpose in life.

02You’ll create plans with actionable insights and strategies that will move you forward.

03You’ll get clearer on what is holding you back and finally tackle the negative self-talk that keeps you from thriving.


You’ll develop more courage, confidence and creativity

05You will have someone who champions and supports you and also keep you accountable

Coaching is for you if:

You feel stuck in your life.

You think your self-doubt and negative self-talk is holding you back from achieving your goals and living your vision.

You want to live a more creative, fulfilling, and impactful life in alignment with your purpose.

You have big dreams and are prepared to put in the work to achieve them!

Coaching  and programs to support you

Wherever you are on your journey these packages will raise your game


Life & Career coaching

Unlock your creative potential and discover your purpose in business and life. In 6 to 12 sessions, we will identify what is holding you back, delve into your values and purpose, and tap into the inner resources and strengths you need to spark creativity, find the work you love, & live with more intention.

This is for you if you wish for a more rewarding life in alignment with your values and purpose.


Performance Coaching

Take your best self onto any stage. Gain clarity and identify what is holding you back so you can perform, communicate, and create with assurance and grace. 

This is for you if you want to break through the limiting beliefs that hold you back from performing at your best as a leader, performer, speaker, and in life.

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Essential skills for Musicians

6 to 12 sessions to find your unique artistic brand, design a powerful communication strategy, and learn to leverage your network. Learn what makes you unique and how to connect with the people who count.

This is for you if you are an artist or performer in the first stages of your career and wish to learn the skills to manage your career.


Confident Networking

This combination of coaching and know-how will help you navigate your career and life with ease. We will explore what is holding you back, delve into networking strategies and hacks, and leverage your network to generate more profitable opportunities. This course also works well in groups of two or three.

This is for you if you would like to feel confident in any situation and generate more opportunities

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