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i’m frances maunder

Career and Life Coach

Overcome Self-Doubt, Unlock Your Creativity & Perform At Your Best On Stage & In Life

Creative Life Coaching

Creativity plays a key role in both our professional and personal life. Conquer what is holding you back and live a more creative life.

Performance & Career Coaching

Tackle the negative self-talk and doubts that hold you back on stage and in life. Learn essential skills to move forward in your career.

High-Performance Coaching

Who do you take on stage with you? Unlock your potential and boost  your performance in the arts and  in business.

Creative Coaching

Unlock your creative potential in business and in life. Whether you want to become more creative to solve problems or push the boundaries of your thinking at work or finally delve into the inspiring project you have been longing to start.


Career Coaching for Musicians and Performers

Shine a light on your vision. Find what is holding you back and discover the inner resources and strength that will get you where you want to go.

Marketing and self-management skills for Musicians

Learn the skills to manage your career and take it to the next level.

Six sessions to find your unique artistic identity & brand, create an effective communication strategy and learn to leverage your network.

"I was an absolute pleasure to work with Frances. It was very easy going but I enjoyed the process and discovery. I remember talking about presenting oneself in auditions and there was a truly AHA moment for me. Through our conversations, something clicked that felt just right."

Ilya Ram


"It felt good to have somebody so positive and encouraging to talk to. I am more aware of the possibilities, and I'm more eager to react to them. Frances is a very kind and positive person who will surely give you the push you need to reach out towards your goals!"

Maria Itkonen


"Frances gives you the impression of being just a supportive friend helping you sort out things. Don’t fall for it! She is an incredibly skilled professional with extensive knowledge of the musical world and its issues."

Claudio Laureti


What if your Doubts were the Grit in the Oyster?

What if becoming aware of your limiting beliefs was the starting point in a journey to more creativity, more success, more fulfilment and impact in business, on stage and in your life?

Coaching can help you turn the grit into the pearl. It is a life-changing process that helps you not only know and reach your professional and personal goals. It unlocks untapped strengths and resources. It helps you become who you need to be to achieve your vision, amplify your impact, and lead a more fulfilling life.  

Coaching is for you if: 

You feel stuck in your life.

You feel your self-doubt and negative self-talk is holding you back from achieving your goals and living your vision.

You want to live a more creative, fulfilling and impactful life in alignment with your purpose.

You have big dreams and are prepared to put in the work to achieve them.

How do I coach?

Trust is at the heart of my coaching relationships with my clients. Together we will design a safe and courageous space and identify your vision and goals. In each session, we will dig deep into what is holding you back, the doubts and the negative stories you tell yourself. We will connect to the creativity, strength and resources within that will allow you to grow and confidently step onto the next stage or into the next stage of life. Between meetings, I will give you enquiries or homework to support the learning and keep up the momentum. Sessions take place every two to three weeks via Zoom or in-person.

The Steps of Coaching


The Chemistry Session

Coaching is for the brave, so choosing the right coach is vital to your journey. The chemistry session is an excellent opportunity for you to experience my coaching style and see if you feel comfortable and supported in the space that we create. The session lasts around 40 to 60 minutes. I will coach you on a specific topic that you bring, or we will have a more general talk about your needs.

The Discovery Session

The discovery is a more extended session, lasting around 90 minutes. We will explore your goals and dreams in-depth and set the overarching topic for the coaching process. What do you want to achieve through coaching, and perhaps more importantly, how do you want to feel at the end? We will also start exploring your values. What is essential in your life? What do you live by and want to be more in alignment with? These concepts will become a compass for all our future sessions.

The Coaching Process

During each session, we focus on a specific topic that you bring. Whether it is something going on in your life right now or something, you have been struggling with for a while. The coaching hour is a safe and courageous space for you to dig deep, explore, experiment, create action plans and go beyond your comfort zone. By asking powerful and sometimes uncomfortable questions, I will challenge you to make the changes you need to achieve your goals. By connecting you back to your vision, goals, inner resources and values, I will support you to become the pearl in the oyster.

Hello, I'm Frances

I grew up in Ticino, Switzerland, in a multilingual environment. After graduating in Literature from Berne University, I pursued a career in the management of cultural institutions, first in the library world, then in different leadership positions in the classical music industry. In the past years, I created and co-directed the LEAD! Foundation, an organization dedicated to helping young and talented artists enter the professional world.

Curious about human nature, the stories that move us, and with a desire to bring out the best in each individual, I am committed to helping musicians, high-performers and creatives overcome self-doubt and limiting beliefs and create a more fulfilling and impactful life.

I studied and am currently pursuing certification with the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI), considered the gold standard of coaching and widely recognized as the most rigorous professional coach training and certification program in the industry.


“Thank you so much for the session, it was really like magic!”

Ivana Gavrić’


“Frances opens spaces for creative new ideas and guides you towards finding the best solution. Now I am more aware of the essential career steps and focused on developing my strategy. I also feel more empowered and optimistic about my career! 

Stefan Bone


Contact me if you have questions or to book a free chemistry session!