Dare to live your vision!

Taking responsibility for your dreams & living them is a courageous and beautiful act. The world needs courageous and beautiful acts!

Ivana Gavrić, Pianist

" Thank you so much for the session! It was really like magic!..."

Hi I'm Frances

I help musicians, performers and creative people connect to their dreams and values, tap into their resources and overcome challenges.

Whether you are a professional musician, artist, or performer;
a passionate amateur, part-time tinkerer or moonlighting wordsmith. Whatever stage you dance upon: finding and living your vision can be challenging.
Let’s connect the dots of your life & shine a light on your dreams. Let’s create your successful, beautiful and courageous life.

How can I help You?

Career & Performance Coaching

Shine a light on your vision. Find what is holding you back and discover the inner resources and strength that will get you where you want to go.

Juicy Life Coaching

Find out what living a juicy & creative life means to you and live it!

I dare you!

Career Skills for Musicians

Six sessions to find your unique artistic identity & brand, create an effective communication strategy and learn to leverage your network.

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