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I’m Frances!


I am a coach & mentor passionate about helping musicians, artists & creatives uncover the stories, doubts, and self-sabotaging behaviours that hold them back from success on stage, in their art and in life.

With over two decades of experience in the cultural and classical music industry, I have a deep understanding of the environment, as well as of the struggles and joys that come with pursuing a life in alignment with one’s artistic and creative values.

As a certified coach, mentor and insatiable learner, I bring a unique blend of professional skills, strategies and experience from working with people worldwide and hold the space for you to become the author of your own success and life story.

I speak English, German, Italian and French and am happy to coach in all four languages.

So, let’s change your story.

Coaching & Mentoring to support your life & work

1:1 Coaching with Frances

Infuse your life with creativity and purpose

Unlock your creative potential and discover your purpose in business and life. In 6 to 12 Creative Life & Career Coaching sessions, we will identify what is holding you back, delve into your values and tap into the inner resources and strengths you need to spark creativity, find the work you love, & live with more intention.

This is for you if you wish for a more rewarding life in alignment with your values and purpose.

Mentoring: Confident Self-Management for Musicians

Learn the skills to manage your career

6 to 12 Self-Management coaching sessions for musicians to find your unique artistic brand, design a powerful communication strategy, and learn to leverage your network. Learn what makes you unique and how to connect with the people who count.

This is for you if you are an artist or performer and you want to take your career to the next level.

Are you feeling stuck?

What if your doubts were the Grit in the Oyster?

What if awareness of your limiting beliefs was the point of departure in a journey to more creativity, success, fulfilment and impact in business, on stage and in your life?

Frances Maunder Coaching can help you turn the grit into the pearl. It is a life-changing process that allows you to know and realise your professional and personal dreams. By unlocking untapped power and resources, you will become who you need to be to achieve your vision and lead a more fulfilling life.

Doubts are the peal in the oyster

Working with Frances was so much fun! It was rewarding to see improvements in my daily life that I could attribute to insights from the coaching sessions.

Today, I am happier and more satisfied with life and more confident in dealing with worrying thoughts.

Frances is very helpful and multifaceted in her coaching. I would highly recommend booking a chemistry session with her!

Christian Jost

Entrepreneur & Biochemist

It felt good to have somebody so positive and encouraging to talk to. I am more aware of the possibilities, and I’m more eager to react to them.

Frances is a very kind and positive person who will surely give you the push you need to reach out towards your goals.

Maria Itkonen


It was an absolute pleasure to work with Frances! It was very easygoing, and I enjoyed the process and discovery.

Today, I am much more pro-active and certain of my conviction to be my own best self and communicate that. I am working towards a much clearer goal, which is very honest, and I couldn’t quite put into words.

Ilya Ram


More Coaching and programs to support your life and career

Negotiate with Confidence Masterclass

Next Masterclass TBA

Online via Zoom

Few things make us feel as vulnerable as negotiating! As a result, we are likely to procrastinate, undersell ourselves, or even give up on exciting opportunities.

In this confidence masterclass, you will learn the key components of successful negotiation. It will help you to achieve fair fees while creating relationships that will strategically extend your network.

This is for anyone in the music business who wants to overcome fear and procrastination and become a better negotiator.

Confident Networking

Feel confident in any social situation

This bespoke combination of coaching and know-how will help you navigate your career and life with ease. We will explore what is holding you back, delve into networking strategies and hacks, and leverage your network to generate more profitable opportunities. This course also works well in groups of two or three to support the change for creative people.

This is for you if you would like to learn to network with more confidence and grace

White Orchids

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