Finding Your Creative Flow:
A Coach’s Guide Through Transition

Have you ever considered working with a coach? Perhaps you’re curious about the process, the roadblocks it tackles, and the potential outcomes. 

To give you a glimpse of what might happen to your coaching journey, let me tell you about Aramis, a client on an inspiring journey of self-discovery. By connecting with his purpose and understanding the limitations holding him back, he unlocked the power to design a more creative future.

Aramis's Story: Unearthing a Passion

A growing sense of dissatisfaction with his life led Aramis to seek coaching. While content with his work, a burgeoning passion for ecology, landscape design, and blogging gnawed at his sense of purpose.  He wanted a safe space to explore the implications of this latent passion: how to cultivate it, muster the courage to pursue it, and where it might lead him.

Our discovery session delved into Aramis’s life purpose. He envisioned himself as an eco-garden artist, crafting surprising, sustainable havens for his clients.

Facing the Internal Obstacles

Over the next weeks and sessions, empowered by this revelation, Aramis attempted to integrate his artistic spirit into his life. However, a disheartening pattern emerged: his initial enthusiasm would wane, leading to project abandonment.

Together, we explored these setbacks. We identified two persistent “saboteurs” hindering his progress. We listened intently to the inner voices that surfaced whenever he considered new endeavours.

The Saboteurs

The first was a deeply ingrained desire to prioritise others’ needs above his own. As the eldest of four and a son of hardworking parents, caring for his siblings came at the expense of his creativity. Helping others had become his default mode, the currency he used to navigate the world.

The second saboteur was a relentless perfectionism that discouraged creative projects by convincing him they wouldn’t meet his impossible standards.

The Turning Point: Awareness is the Catalyst

Armed with this newfound self-awareness, Aramis started recognizing these inner voices when they surfaced.

A pivotal moment arrived during a session during which he grappled with a difficult work-related decision. He realised he was caught between his familiar people-pleasing and perfectionist self on one hand, and a new, more confident voice urging him towards authenticity and courage on the other.

Transitions: Embracing Duality

The coaching process often involves navigating a period of coexistence between the old and the new. Many clients, after a few sessions, experience tension between their emerging boldness and entrenched patterns of self-doubt, perfectionism, and people-pleasing. A yearning to embrace new pursuits battles anxieties about judgement and feasibility.

Aramis now carried both the old and the new within him. However, while internal conflict persisted, he was empowered to choose between his past and present selves. He could now consciously direct his actions instead of being unconsciously ruled by old patterns.

The Journey of Choice

In the following months, I witnessed Aramis navigate this inner struggle and become adept at identifying his different facets. These explorations empowered him to make choices that felt more courageous and aligned with his true self.

While he is not yet sure what his future holds, Aramis is confident that coaching significantly bolstered his confidence, self-knowledge, and overall sense of fulfilment.

Embrace the Transition: The Power of Choice Lies Within

As Aramis’s story exemplifies, coaching can be challenging, especially in periods of transition when the old and new selves coexist. Choosing a new way, more in line with one’s purpose can be emotionally more draining than simply succumbing to familiar patterns.

However, the rewards are great, and these periods of inner conflict represent a crucial step forward. They signal a newfound awareness of what holds you back and the development of new patterns and behaviours. This awareness empowers you to make conscious choices.

And perhaps that’s the true treasure we discover on the coaching path: the power of choice. We all live with contrasting parts within us. With courage, support, and patience, we can learn about them, face them, and forge our unique path forward.

The key lies in self-awareness, and the journey unfolds through our conscious choices.

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