A Driving Lesson in Overcoming Fear

I know, owning a car these days is a controversial choice. But as a single mother to an adventurous (and accident-prone) daughter, sometimes practicality has to win out. This is my car, Neffie, and our journey together hasn’t been about the destination, but about facing my fears.

Confronting the Comfort Zone

A decade-old minor accident left me terrified to get behind the wheel. Even short trips filled my mind with worst-case scenarios. What if I cause another crash? What if someone gets hurt— what if it’s my daughter? And, what if I can’t find a parking space? The fears compounded endlessly, and being car-less made me overly reliant on others.

A Turning Point

Last New Year’s Eve, the limitations of my fear really hit home. Eleni took a tumble at my parents’ place and broke her arm. It was a tricky fracture, requiring us to rush to a hospital 30 minutes away. Thankfully, my brother was there to drive us, but it highlighted the complexities that arise when you can’t simply hop in your car.

That was my turning point. Six months later, I began driving lessons, and by September, I bought Neffie. It wasn’t about ease, but about confronting my anxieties to gain a crucial bit of independence.

The Test Drive and a Chorus of Doubts

The test drive was an unforgettable experience. My self-doubt roared, so I asked Isabelle, my wonderful instructor, to join me. The scene was almost comical: a towering car salesman (a former DJ!), Isabelle, Eleni, and me – all squeezed into the tiny white Polo.

My internal critic took over:

  • “You’ll crash with a car full of people!”
  • “You’ll damage the car!”
  • “This will be wasted money, you’re changing careers, focus!”
  • “You’ve only driven with an instructor, you’ll never manage alone!”

But amidst the noise, I was driving. Isabelle chatted with the salesman as if we were on a leisurely Sunday jaunt, and her occasional “Frances, I feel perfectly safe with you!” bolstered me. Perhaps that’s all it took – a flicker of belief in myself that I could reclaim some control, that I could stop letting fear dictate my life. I knew the white Polo had to be mine.

Fear Doesn't Simply Vanish

A year in, I’m proud whenever I get behind the wheel. But it’s never easy. The doubts persist, the scenarios still flash through my mind. I have to actively push past them, reminding myself of the triumph and the freedom of the open road that await, with my favourite tunes playing.

Your Journey Beyond Fear

We all have those fears, those voices whispering that we aren’t enough, that we can’t change. Whether it’s a driving phobia, a career leap, or a personal challenge that seems insurmountable – the path starts with a single step outside what feels comfortable.

As a coach, I guide people just like you to silence those inner critics and tap into the strength within. If I can overcome a decade of driving fear, imagine what you can achieve.

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