Negotiate with Confidence Masterclass

Tuesday,  22 March 2022 from 16:00 to 18:30 CET via Zoom

Few things make us feel as vulnerable as negotiating! Despite being a business transaction, the idea of putting a price tag on our work and having to stand up for it can appear incredibly personal. As a result, we are likely to procrastinate, undersell ourselves, or even give up on exciting opportunities.

As a cultural entrepreneur, I have organised more than a thousand concerts & events and negotiated even more contracts and fees. I know from experience that with the proper preparation, it is possible to be more at ease throughout the process and achieve fair conditions whilst building relationships for the future. In this two-and-a-half-hour masterclass, I will share all my insight, knowledge, and hacks with you to turn you into a skilful and mindful negotiator.

CHF 99


Anyone in the music business who wants to overcome negotiation-overwhelm or up their negotiating game.

  • Musicians, soloists, conductors who need to negotiate their fee
  • Musicians or managers arranging the conditions for their chamber music ensemble, orchestra or artists
  • Artistic administrators and project managers who want to become more skilled at handling contracts


In this masterclass, you will learn:

  • the key components of a successful negotiation
  • to understand the fee structures in the music business
  • to achieve not just a fair fee but also favourable conditions for every engagement
  • to create relationships that will strategically extend your network and create more opportunities for you


I just wanted to write to thank you for your session yesterday. Other career-oriented talks I’ve attended in the past have seemed solely strategic and cold, but your session was imbued with humanity and desire for the best outcome for everyone involved, which made me feel better about negotiations and career-building as a whole.  Thank you for your thoughtful approach!

- Andrew Kim

Just a quick email to convey my thanks to you for the session, it has been very invaluable and given lots of food for thought!

- Matthew Rhodes

Thanks again for that nice and productive online masterclass. I think we all very much enjoyed getting fresh ideas and being confronted to some optimistic thoughts.

- Stefan Bone

Many thanks for the good and very useful masterclass this weekend. You are a very inspiring person with a lot of knowledge of the music world that will be very valuable for us conductors. I am going to start working on my network 😉 I hope to see you soon in real life!

- Michael Engelbrecht


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