Confident self-management for musicians

Overcome self-doubt and learn to manage your career

Skill set + Mindset + Practice = success

Success is a combination of knowing who you are (mindset), knowing what to do (skill set) & yes, self-management!

This tailored blend of marketing know-how and creative coaching ensures that you have the right tools to smoothly navigate the next steps in your career.

In 6 to 12 sessions, we will work on confidence, find your unique artistic brand, work on your presentation, design a powerful communication strategy, and learn to leverage your network. You will identify what makes you unique and how to communicate this to the people who count.

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Self-managing yourself as an artist is difficult, whether you are at the beginning of your career or you have been in the game for a while…

Often performers learn how to market themselves, only to discover that despite having learned the ABC of self-promotion, they still cannot move forward in their career.

Doubts still hold them back. Inner voices tell them they lack talent and discipline. Comparisonitis, setbacks and “failures” from the past keep them from applying the knowledge they have invested in.

Does this resonate with you? That is why I created this course!

In this course, you will not only learn to identify your unique artistic identity, techniques to present yourself with integrity, and how to leverage your network to create more opportunities. Together, we will also tackle your self-doubt and inner critic so that you can implement what you have learned and level up your game.


the Modules

What you can expect

You are unique, as is what you have learned along the way. That is why I created this course to meet you where you are. During the first session, we will find out with precision what you need to take your career to the next level. Maybe you are a people’s person but do not know how to present yourself with integrity, or perhaps you have an agent who is not working for you. Maybe the thought of networking makes you want to run and hide, or a fierce inner critic tells you are just not good enough. You might even want to learn how to get more gigs for your ensemble.

Wherever you are and whatever you need, we will put together the perfect combination of coaching and skills from the following modules.

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Marketing 1 – Your Brand

Agents, promoters, and managers alike are not interested in artists who can do everything. Thus, knowing who you are, what you do best, and what makes you stand out on the market is vital.  We will reflect on what makes you unique and craft a story that mirrors that.

→ Find your Artistic Identity (Brand)

→ Find your repertoire niche

→ Write the perfect bio for every occasion



Marketing 2 – Your Presence

Many channels can strengthen your presence in the music world. As a result, everything you put out there, whether an Instagram post, a YouTube video, or even a program proposal, should bear your distinctive signature and tell your story. How well do your channels represent you?

→ Check your website

→ Rock your social media

→ Create signature programs

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Marketing 3 – Your Network

Knowing how to build relationships and leverage your network is a powerful way to increase your opportunities and boost your career. Though feeling at ease in social situations and connecting is challenging for many, it can be learned. With the right skills, mindset and practice – you can learn to go beyond your comfort zone and make your mark with confidence and grace.

→ Know your network

→ Create a strategy to amplify your reach

→ Systematise and scale with CRMs and newsletter bootcamps


Coaching 4 – Your Confidence

What is holding you back from knocking on the door of a conductor who could become a mentor or offer you a gig? What does your inner critic say when you want to send a program to a promoter? How can you dare to introduce yourself to a sponsor? Whatever you learn about self-management, it will only serve you if we find the courage to challenge your negative beliefs.

→ Find what is holding you back

→ Identify your values, strengths, and resources

→ Find resilience to face setbacks

Frances creates a wonderfully friendly and empowering atmosphere of concentrated work. She opens spaces for creative new ideas and guides you towards finding the best solution. Now I am more aware of the essential career steps and focused on developing my strategy. 

Frances is a very knowledgeable, experienced and trustworthy coach. She is focused on the individual needs and issues of each client. Working with her is a great pleasure, and I can only recommend it to all my colleagues out there!

Stefan Bone


It felt good to have somebody so positive and encouraging to talk to. I am more aware of the possibilities, and I’m more eager to react to them.

Frances is a very kind and positive person who will surely give you the push you need to reach out towards your goals.

Maria Itkonen


It was an absolute pleasure to work with Frances! It was very easygoing, and I enjoyed the process and discovery.

Today, I am much more pro-active and certain of my conviction to be my own best self and communicate that. I am working towards a much clearer goal, which is very honest, and I couldn’t quite put into words.

Ilya Ram


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the Packages

We will put together the package to meet your specific needs in the first session.  You can also purchase the Network Module and the Confidence Module as stand-alone Modules. Aside from the Coaching Module, all modules also work brilliantly in small groups of two or three.



1 Chemistry Session (40 minutes)

1 Discovery Session (90 minutes)

5 Sessions (50 minutes each)

PRICE € 900

Package 2

10 Sessions

1 Chemistry Session (40 minutes)

1 Discovery Session (90 minutes)

11 Sessions (50 minutes each)

PRICE €1’450 

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